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Project Description
Automatically gathers media from home sources and backs them up to your home network. Can discover files on your TiVo, download and decrypt them (using external decrypter such as tivodecode.exe), and transcode them (via external transcoder such as wmcmd.vbs) into other formats (as of v1.0). MediaBackup runs as a background service and scales horizontally by simply installing on multiple machines on your home network (and configuring each appropriately). Uses persistant state (via XML serialization to file) to support both that, and service restarts and upgrades more or less gracefully.

Written in C#, .NET 2.0, and tested on Windows Home Server and Windows Vista Ultimate. Should work on other Vista versions and XP as well. Or Windows Server 2003 for that matter.

External TiVo decrypter: tivodecode.exe provided with
External Transcoder: wmcmd.vbs provided with Windows Media Encoder

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